We provide the best means of transportation with trained delegates at the best prices that enable us to meet the demands of our customers; in addition, we have all the transport equipment and means necessary to complete the transportation of the shipment in complete safety until it reaches the customer. We deliver your products and goods from door to door as quickly as possible and in complete security with the provision of a cash on delivery service and a tracking system to know the current location of your product at any time of the shipping. From the moment you register your shipment on our website.


We provide you with shipping services that have several options to help you reach the best with a specialized team that is highly trained to provide the best possible service with a group of partners who help us in this task. Therefore, we can provide appropriate shipping services no matter the size of the shipments with different sizes and quantities, thus ensuring the customer the speed in performance and delivery of shipments to its safe place.
Storage and logistics management

Storage and logistics management

Let us do the task of arranging your service. You focus on your business in selling and save your extra expenses. We provide you with storage services that suit your business and achieve you quick and easily arrival of your shipments, saves your money and the mitigate burden of managing products, packaging, and follow up their delivery.

personal services

Send .. your requests arrive faster

From Riyadh, everywhere .. Now we brought your family and loved ones closer to you, wherever you are, Logix Pro delivers your order from door to door. Send Service Features:

  • • Delivery from Riyadh to every location.
  • Fast response to your request
  • Save time and effort
  • Fast and Safe Service

Send Life made it easier for you, if you have any questions we care for you, now contact us via WhatsApp, and to request book your service directly from here.

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What We Do

To attain your sales goals and grow your business

To reach your customers everywhere.

To cover all areas.

To deliver your shipments quickly...

To deliver it with love.

If you are looking for quick, safety, reliability, accuracy and attention to detail.

We are here to provide the best delivery, shipping and warehouse management services for all our customers.

We offer you :

  • • Fast and safe delivery services that include all parts of Riyadh.

  • • Shipping services from Riyadh to everywhere.

  • •Premium warehouse management services

  • •Payment on delivery feature

  • • Track shipments and products

  • • Electronic connection with your store API

  • • Immediate collection of your money.


Amgd Alzahrani

وصللل بسرعهه

شهد منصور

خدمه رائعه


شاكررره تعاملكم الراااقي وماراح يكون اخر تعامل معكم بإذن الله

Abdulaziz Alromaih



خدمة جيدة ومتعاون

حمود عبدالعزيز

ماشاءالله تبارك الله توصيل في زمن قياسي جدا وباحترافية عاليه وأمان عالي.... جزاكم الله خير

Fayruz Saud

خدمه ممتازه وسريعه




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